About Raman

Raman is a research and consultancy center that studies and analyzes political developments and phenomena in the Middle East. Raman relies on state-of-the-art research methods and tools in preparing its research papers that build up a solid knowledge base and contribute constructively to understanding key issues while solving local and regional problems. Our research principles stem from the need to understand local and regional disputes and offer perspectives that promote stability and progress. Raman also prioritizes contributing to the general knowledge base as the main goal for the center’s research agenda.

Raman message

Contributing to creating a better future by addressing local and regional challenges, on the basis of open dialogue, exchange of ideas, and commitment to serious research. Foresight and prediction of potential scenarios through monitoring and analyzing local and regional interactions and changes, providing consultations and formulating solutions and options that contribute to rationalizing decision-making mechanisms by decision makers.


Objectively seeking to make a positive contribution to the research community in the region on the one hand, and to create a comprehensive vision for resolving intractable crises in the Middle East on the other hand. The Center believes that knowledge accumulation is the original input into the process of developing governance policies and community interactions, and aims to become a major reference. He is reliable in objective studies and analyzes of Middle East issues.

Center objectives

Formulating effective strategies to confront the challenges expected to occur. Formulating projects that contribute to enhancing societal peace and security among the components of the region. Contributing to developing the foundations of good governance through research efforts. Supporting the dynamics of the social contract as an important framework for managing diversity and difference.